How to use our hair dye


Is this the first time you try to do the tint at home? Not sure which way to start? Don't worry, the steps are few and simple, home coloring is easier to do than to say!

1- Prepare the tint: pour the contents of the color tube into the bowl, add the fixing emulsion and mix until a smooth cream is obtained. REMEMBER: close the color tube immediately, you can use the one that is left over for a touch-up!

2- How to divide the hair: divide the hair into four equal parts (from the forehead to the nape, from one ear to the other)

3- Color application: put on gloves before starting. Apply the color on dry and unwashed hair, starting from parting with movements that go from the forehead to the nape, and from one ear to the other. Finally, apply color to the areas between the partitions to obtain uniform coverage

4- Setting time: cover the hair with a film and wait 30'-40 'minutes.

5- Shampoo: rinse off the tint and wash your hair with shampoo

6- Styling: apply to revitalizing conditioner, massaging, and proceed with styling, without rinsing it! And voila, the tint is done! .

If you have any doubt watch   our tutoria or write to

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