Sanotint is a brand of Cosval, a family company founded in 1972. The need was to create a DIY and delicate tint and insert it in the herbal sector, a sector that was still young at the time. Over time, Sanotint shades have taken hold and have been recognized positively by the market as they offer a variety of colors and formulations suitable for various needs.

Our values

Sanotint distinguishes itself from many other DIY colors with the yellow color: it reminds the sun, the joy, the vitality of life. The golden millet is at the base of the ingredients which contains numerous minerals and vitamins that help provide support to damaged hair, helping to prevent it from falling out. All Sanotint shades do not contain ammonia and resorcinol and the Sensitive line is designed for the most sensitive scalps and also does not contain P-phenylenediamine.

The Sanotint woman

For Sanotint, color is not just a tint but represents life, art and the different personalities and characters that are part of each woman and each of us. So Sanotint offers the extraordinary power of color, in its truest form, to an audience of women aware of who they want to be and what they want: determination, strength, balance. They do not want to resemble stereotypes but are proud of what they are.